You Paid What For That Townhome???

Are we in an inflated bubble or is this the beginning of the new normal?
Only 18 Hermosa Beach townhomes have ever sold over $2 Million,
just 8 of them were east of Hermosa Avenue. This year, we’ve watched 2
of those 8 sell. 1517 Loma sold for
$1000, the highest price west of Hermosa Ave. and the 3rd highest in Hermosa history. Keep in mind, we did not see a townhome sell for over $2M after 2008 until this last year.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.43.18 PM

Sold               Address            Price           Bed/Bath           $ Per sq. ft.
10/16/14      1517 Loma      $2,138,000    3/3                      $1000
Sold                   Address             Price                Bed/Bath        $ Per sq. ft.
09/25/14         1512 Manhattan   $2,099,000     3/3                    $802

Highest Sale (to date)
Sold                Address        Price                Bed/Bath          $Per sq. ft.
11/10/08       36 15th           $3,150,000      4/4                     $1369

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