More All Cash…Closed in Record Time Sales! 7 Day Market Update and Weekend Open House List – Hermosa Beach


6 New Active

6 In Escrow

5 Closed Sales

(see properties below)

64 Active Listings in Hermosa Beach

SFR- 36



Actives by Hermosa Areas:

Sand Section:             36 Active listings

Valley Section:             11 Active listings

East Hermosa:             17 Active listings

This is a market snapshot of Hermosa Beach Real Estate over the last 7 days. We are not presenting these properties as our listings. Click the IDX link above to see the recent Active, Pending and Closed properties in HB.


445 Gould Listed for $1,599,000 3 bed/2.5 bath

445 Gould is a single family home located on the west side of Valley with views of the park.  This home last sold in 2006 for $1,175,000. Gould is a busy street and a thoroughfare, however options are limited in North Hermosa.

501 Herondo # 34 Listed for $1,100,000 2 bed 2.5 bath

501 Herondo comes up on our 7 day often. It’s a 75 unit condo complex on the Hermosa/Redondo border. This unit is very light and bright and seems to have had some upgrades. Unit #9 is currently on the market for $90k less, but may needs some upgrading. 

706 2nd Listed for $2,149,000 4 bed/3.5 bath

706 2nd was built in 2015 and has ocean views. This townhome is located on the south end of Hermosa.  It last sold in 2016 for $1,875,000. 706 2nd was built in 2015 and has ocean views. This townhome is on the border of Redondo and Hermosa.  This home last sold in 2016 for $1,875,000.

516 8th Listed for $1,800,000 3 bed/2.5 bath

516 8th was built in 2008. This home last sold in 2008, the year it was built, for $1,075,000.

736 Gould #19 Listed for $1,599,000 3 bed/3 bath

736 Gould is part of a 33-unit townhome complex on Gould, located directly behind PCH and the Hotel Hermosa. This complex has had one sale this year (a slightly smaller unit), for $1.5M.  

515 Prospect Listed for $3,095,000 5 bed/4 bath

515 Prospect, one of two detached townhomes, was built in 2017. This unit has ocean views and sold in 2017 for $2,835,000. 517 Prospect sold for $2.5M in 2018.


846 18th St Listed for $1,525,000 3 bed/2 bath

It only took 8 days to find a buyer for this property.  846 18th is a single-family home propped up on 18th street, with nice ocean views on the horizon. This home last sold in 2011 for $815K.

Here are 2 other competing properties for sale and 2 solds:

1720 Prospect Listed for $2,750,000 4 bed/3.5 bath

After 2 months and a $55K price reduction, this home is in escrow. 1720 Prospect is part of a 2 on a lot detached townhome that was built in 2017.  1720 Prospect sold for $2,515,000 in February 2018 and 1724 Prospect sold for $2,675,000 last March.

1550 Loma Dr. #D Listed for $1,499,000 3 bed/2.5 bath

1550 Loma is in a 4-unit townhome complex. Unit #B just sold for $1,230,000 however it is a bit smaller than #D (currently for sale). I think this property is priced well and I am not surprised it only took 5 days to find a buyer.

316 24th Listed for $2,999,999 3 bed/4 bath

316 24th is a duplex located in the northern Hermosa Sand Section with panoramic ocean views.  We’re not surprised this went quickly…not many properties come available in this desirable pocket.

548 Pine Listed for $2,349,000 4 bed/3.5 bath

548 Pine was built in 2015. This detached townhome is on the corner of 6th and Pine, just east of PCH.  This home last sold in 2016 for $2,250,000.

1131 19th St. Listed for $999,000 2 bed/1 bath

This single-family home was built in 1905. 1131 19th sits on a 2400 sq. foot lot. It is the second lowest priced active property in Hermosa.


1266 7th St Sold for $847,000 3 bed/1 bath

This one appears to have been sold off-market, This home needs a lot of TLC and it’s right on the Hermosa/North Redondo border. It’s a smaller lot, however the price was right for an owner/user.

1720 Ardmore #223 Sold for $705,000 2 bed/2 bath

2 weeks and $10K below the asking price……sold. 1720 Ardmore is a 71-unit complex. Unit #319 sold for $735K last year, which was the last 2 bed 2 bath sale in the complex.

654 8th St Sold for $1,025,000 3 bed/1 bath

After a price reduction this home sold for $75K below the original asking price. 654 8th is a 1904 beach bungalow located in the Hermosa Valley section. This home sits east of Ardmore, close to PCH. The location is tough due to the amount of traffic on 8th Street. It’s all about the price in this case.

865 Loma Sold for $1,381,000 1 bed/1 bath

That was quick, in less than a week this home had multiple offers and sold for $82K above the asking price. This is a 2520 sq. foot lot with R3 zoning. The Hermosa R3 codes state a 30-foot height maximum vs. 25 & 26 feet in many other areas of the city. The extra height will likely allow an owner to build a bigger home as a result. It currently has a 1 bedroom single-family home on it.

Full disclosure, this is our listing!

1040 Loma Sold for $1,650,000 2 bed/1 bath

It took 1 month and a $50K price reduction to get this one sold. 1040 Loma is a 1940’s sand section property. The lot size is 3600.

6 New Listings (click to see)

6 In Escrow (click to see)

5 Closed Sales (click to see)

If you have any questions about the previous properties or any other properties here in Hermosa Beach or the South Bay area, please call or text me direct at 310-613-1690 or email me at

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