7 Day Market Update and Weekend Open House List- Hermosa Beach

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41 Active Listings in Hermosa Beach
SFR- 24

Actives by Hermosa Areas:
Sand Section: 26 Active listings
Valley Section: 11 Active listings
East Hermosa: 4 Active listings
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This is a market snapshot of Hermosa Beach Real Estate over the last 7 days. We are not presenting these properties as our listings. Click the IDX link above to see the recent Active, Pending and Closed properties in HB.

501 Herondo #42 Listed for $839,900 2 bed/2.5 bath
Last sold in 2000 for $385K. Currently there is one other unit in escrow, #20 listed for $900K. The last 2
(2 bed 2.5 bath) sales in this complex were unit #66 (sold for $830K) and Unit #64 (sold for $789K).

2025 Prospect Listed for $1,899,999 4 bed/3 bath
This is a newly constructed home. The land was bought in July 2014 for $870K as a probate sale and for the value of the land. Now it’s back with a new dwelling on it for $1M more. 2035 Prospect (2 doors to the north and 100 sq. ft. larger), also a new construction, sold earlier this year for $1,850,000.

1600 Ardmore #129 Listed for $495,000 1 bed/1 bath
This one last sold in 2013 for $395K. The Last two 1 bed 1 bath sales in this complex were #317 for $460K and Unit #223 for $480K.

70 10th St Listed for $2,960,000 3 bed/2 bath
This single family home is located on the corner of 10th and Hermosa Ave. It’s a buildable residential/mixed use/commercially zoned lot located across the street from the Comedy and Magic club. The currently existing home was built in 1910.

736 Gould #19 Listed for $1,269,000 3 bed/2.5 bath
View from Pool Deck
This attached townhome is part of a 33-unit complex that is just west of PCH.
This unit last sold in 2013 for $798K.
There have been two other sales this year in this complex:
Unit #8 Sold for $1,255,000 (3 bed 2.5 bath)
Unit #3 Sold for $1,004,250 (3 bed 2.5 bath)

1517 Hermosa Ave Listed for $3,750,000 4 bed/3.5 bath
This new construction is on the corner of the 15th walk street in Hermosa. The lot was bought in 2012 for $1.4M prior to building the existing two newly constructed detached townhomes.

1707 PCH #504 Listed for $649,500 2 bed/2 bath
1707 Pacific Coast is a 73-unit complex located on the west side of Pacific Coast Highway. This unit is on the top floor and has ocean views. It last sold in 1976 for $40,500.
There have been two additional 2 bed, 2 bath sales in this complex this year:
Unit #125 Sold for $563,500
Unit #304 Sold for $575,000

715 30th St Listed for $1,175,000 3 bed/2 bath
This single family home sits on a 3774 sq. ft. lot just west of PCH. It was last sold in 2010 for $753K. I have a feeling this one will move quickly.

421 2nd St Listed for $949,000 3 bed/2.5 bath

Garden with low maintenance, drought resistant, plants.
2 weeks and this attached townhouse has a buyer. This unit last sold in 1977 for $89K and is located in a 64-unit complex, just west of Valley and the greenbelt.
Here are some recent sales from this complex over the last year:
215 Valley 2 bed/2.5 bath 1494 sq. ft. Sold for $900,000
217 Valley 3 bed /3 bath 1494 sq. ft. Sold for $869,000
225 Valley 3 bed/ 2.5 bath 1840 sq. ft. Sold for $965,000
427 2nd St 3 bed/ 2.5 bath 1840 sq. ft. Sold for $978,300

2120 The Strand Listing price $8,999,999 3 bed/1 bath
Only 11 days and this strand house has a buyer! This one last sold in 1976 for $76K…..can you imagine. That’s the power of equity growth in real estate. This is a cottage duplex likely being sold for land value.

315 26th St Listed for $2,250,000 6 bed/4 bath
This property was on the market earlier in the year then cancelled; now its back and has a buyer. This is a 3-unit triplex 2 1/2 blocks from the beach, on a lot that is now only zoned for single-family housing. This property hasn’t been on the market in decades. It is on a pretty standard size to slightly larger sand lot (2476 sq. ft.).

1600 Ardmore Ave #317 Listed at $460,000 1 bed/1 bath
Just over 3 weeks and this condo has secured a buyer. It last sold in 1993 for $107,500. This is a 100-unit complex just west of PCH and East of the green belt.

2618 Manhattan Ave Listed for $4,899,000 5 bed/4 bath/3 (powders)
After 4 months this new construction has now secured a buyer. This is a brand new single family home with 4660 sq ft., designed by Pritzkat & Johnson and built by Titan construction. It’s a case of a great house in a so-so location, right across from the Fed-Ex store and 1 house away from the 5-point intersection, hence taking time to sell. The dirt sold for $1,980,000 in January of 2014.

1286 Bonnie Brae Listed for $2,399,000 5 bed/4 bath
A little over 3 months on the market and this single family home has a buyer. Bonnie Brae last sold as a new construction in 2008 for $1,660,000. There have been 3 other sales this year over $2M in the Hermosa Hill section. Prior to this year, the last $2M+ sale was in 2006. A full list price sale would create a new benchmark for the Hermosa Hill Section.
Address Bed/Bath Sq. Ft. Year Built Price
1256 10th 5/4 3041 1948 (complete remodel) $2,005,000
1527 Silver 4/5 3500 2015 $2,125,000
945 16th 4/6 4049 2009 $2,200,000

136 Hill St Listed for $1,899,000 4 bed/3 bath
This property was on the market last year for $2,499,000 but didn’t sell after 158 days. This year, listed at a lower price point, it took over 4 months to secure a buyer. This property last sold in 2000 for $475K.

205 2nd St Listed for $1,699,000 3 bed/2 bath
This is a detached townhome with west of Monterey Blvd. This home last sold in 2014 for $1.5M.

1600 Ardmore Ave #424 Sold for $600,000 2 bed/2 bath
Sold for 29K below original list price. This condo is in a 100-unit complex and last sold in 2004 for $468,000.
There has only been one sale in this complex in 2015…unit #410 (2 bed 2 bath) for $775,000.

659 30th Sold for $5,325,000 6 bed/5.5 bath
Sold for $175K below list price, this single family home sold last year for $1.7M, when it was a 4 bed/2 bath (tear down). Now it is a 6/5.5 5775 sq. ft. new construction designed and built by Steve Lazar, a well-known local builder. The price tag is ceiling busting for the area of Hermosa between Ardmore and PCH.
There are only 2 properties that have ever topped this price tag in area 149 (Ardmore to PCH). One is pending and the other is still active:
714 Marlita $6,250,000 (Cancelled was on the market for 800 days)
2850 El Oeste $7,999,000

1435 Bonnie Brae St Sold for $2,170,000 4 bed/3.5 bath
After going into escrow in just over 2 weeks, this single family home has sold for $129K below list price. This home last sold in 2004 for $1,575,000 when it was built.

217 Valley Sold for $869,000 3 bed/3 bath
Another OFF-MARKET sale! This townhome is located in a 64-unit complex located just west of the green belt and last sold in 2007 for $775,000.

230 34th St Sold for $4,750,000 4 bed/3.5 bath
Sold for just 45K below asking price. This last sold in 2009 for $880K (3 bed 1 bath 771 sq ft. house) for lot value. The new construction is a 4 bed, 3.5 bath with 2723 sq ft. and a rooftop deck offering dramatic ocean views. At $1744 per sq. ft., it’s a ground-breaking number…however this is a ground-breaking market.

713 4th St #G Sold for $829,000 2 bed/3 bath
Sold for a hair below list price ($1k). This 6-unit townhouse is just west of PCH and it last sold in 2011 for $570,000 as a bank-owned foreclosure. 705 4th #C, built the same year (1978, 1600 sq. ft.), just sold for $799K.

1285 14th St Sold for $1,060,000 3 bed/1.5 bath
It took about 6 weeks to find a buyer and a small 19K negotiation below list price to sell this one. This single family home is on the Hermosa/Redondo border at the end of a
Other recent sales:
2027 Harper Ave Sold for $929,000 3/2 1248 sq ft.
1226 6th St Sold for $885,000 3/2 1211 sq ft

708 2nd St Listed for $1,975,000 4 bed/3.5 bath
Sold for $200K below original asking price, the second of these newly constructed twins offers a little more sq. footage and has also closed.

If you have any questions about the previous properties or any other properties here in Hermosa Beach or the South Bay area, please call me direct at 310-613-1690.
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